Citizen D

About Us

Inštitut Državljan D is a non-profit organization, focusing its efforts on empowering people in today’s society, encouraging them to participate and be active in making a future – especially in a digital sphere – a brighter and safer place. Through different projects the non-profit organization shapes the digital world, making sure it’s free for all, safe for all and accessible to all.

We work on different long-term projects and host weekly public events, focusing on #media, #techology and other hot issues.

Our Projects

Our projects are focused on three major topics – media literacy, digital security and privacy and active citizenship. We organize public events, conduct research, perform calls to action and provide analysis of the current events which we then use to influence the decision making process and try to change it for the better of the general public.

Our projects: Cryptoparty Slovenia,, Better media,